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  • 5 Home Decor Ideas

    Published Aug 14, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Something many people daydream about during their years of living with their parents is what they could do with a space of their own; what would a kitchen look like, a bathroom, a living room -- every single room that they can’t typically touch. What is often overlooked is the outside -- yep! You can still decorate the outside, even when it’s not a holiday. It’s an exciting new adventure into adulthood, and it’s not something to take lightly. Your first task is to decide what your theme is, because theme is everything.

  • How to Keep Your House Clean (Regularly!)

    Published Aug 08, 2019 by Admin Person

    Keeping a tidy house can be a chore (bad pun intended), and it's so easy for it to escape us, that we often just find ourselves suddenly in the middle of chaos, pulling at our hair, wondering where on earth we went wrong? We're then faced with the dilemma: do we spend the rest of the day cleaning, or do we sit on the sofa and stare at it in disgust for another day? The good news is: it doesn't have to get that bad. There are ways you can keep your days relatively cleaning-free while also keeping your home from looking like you own a pair of destructive ocelots.

  • 5 Ways to Increase Property Sales Value

    Published Jul 31, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    At some point in a homeowner’s life, they may want to have the possibility of selling their house. Making the decision is one thing, but getting the house in its best possible condition to receive the best resale value is a whole new kind of ballgame; as many homeowners don’t even know they can increase their resale value, let alone how to! It’s very important and, if you want to get the most out of your for-sale home, then it’s necessary. Here are our five ways that you can increase your resale value!

  • 6 Summer Projects for Your Home

    Published Jul 24, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Being a homeowner has a lot of really great benefits, but it also takes a lot of upkeep as well. With the warm weather settling in like it’s vacationing at the Hamptons, you are faced with that seemingly endless list of projects that you were putting off until the weather was “nice.” The good news is, the weather is more or less nice now, and you have the ability to tackle those projects head-on! Here is our list of six projects for your home this summer.

  • 4 Lawn Care Tips

    Published Jul 03, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    There is nothing more frustrating than a brown lawn with dry, wilted grass. We’ve all seen that perfect lawn – the one that looks soft enough to sleep on and green enough to eat off. Your neighbor may have his lawn care down perfectly, with timed sprinklers and weekly weeding… yet your lawn looks good for a week in spring after it rains, but then implodes upon itself. What gives? No need to fret. Below we’ve provided 4 easy and helpful tips to give you the plush lawn you’ve been searching for.

  • 5 Reasons to Ditch the Old Windows

    Published Jun 26, 2019 by Admin Person in Windows & Doors

    Do the windows of your home look old enough to have witnessed the Declaration of Independence being written? Okay, your windows might not be that old, but if they’re looking rusty it might be a good idea to replace them. If you think replacing your old windows is only about appearance, you’ll be surprised to learn there are many great reasons why you should install new windows for your home.

  • How to Prepare Your Home for Severe Weather

    Published Jun 05, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Summer is such a wonderful season — everything is growing back after the cold, dead winter months, bringing warmth and light back into everyone’s lives; birds are singing, flowers are blooming, and windows are letting out the musty hibernating vibe that lingers in a home from November to April. With summer, however, comes the whiplash weather that leaves a groan in everybody’s throats; tornado, thunderstorm, and hurricane season has begun. Believe it or not, there are actually ways to keep the damage at a minimum!

  • How to Fireproof Your Home

    Published May 15, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Accidents can happen, or Mother Nature can get a little too aggressive -- but the idea of a fire is enough to send even the calmest person into a frantic fit. Fires can happen in the most insane way, so it’s important to keep yourself prepared. If you already live in a home, you probably don’t have the luxury of building your own fireproof home -- that’s okay! There are measures you can still take to keep your home ready. Here are a couple of ways to fireproof your home.

  • How to Be an Environmentally-Conscious Homeowner

    Published Apr 15, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Older, incandescent lightbulbs are known to use a fair amount of energy and not last as long as their newer, more advanced counterparts. Energy-efficient bulbs have been around for a while, but the general public has required some convincing due to the slightly higher price of these new bulbs. Even though these options cost a little more initially, they will help you recoup your original investment by lasting longer and using less energy than your old bulbs.

  • The Importance of Curb Appeal

    Published Mar 28, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else

    Appearance isn’t everything. We’ve all heard the phrase. There is truth behind the sentiment and it’s common knowledge that you can’t make an accurate assessment of anything based on appearance alone.


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