How To Keep Your House Clean (Regularly!)

27.09.21 09:09 AM By Ariel
Keeping a tidy house can be a chore (bad pun intended), and it's so easy for it to escape us, that we often just find ourselves suddenly in the middle of chaos, pulling at our hair, wondering where on earth we went wrong? We're then faced with the dilemma: do we spend the rest of the day cleaning, or do we sit on the sofa and stare at it in disgust for another day? The good news is: it doesn't have to get that bad. There are ways you can keep your days relatively cleaning-free while also keeping your home from looking like you own a pair of destructive ocelots. So here are some of our ways on how to keep your home clean -- regularly!

Don't procrastinate. Yeah, it's a hard one, and not really much of a hack so more as a friendly reminder. Seriously, everything can wait. You will feel immensely better once your cleaning chore is done for the day. Promise. Who knows -- maybe you'll find extra energy and tackle more than you needed to, giving yourself more free time at the end of the week!

Tidy while you wait. Try doing the dishes while the water boils, or dusting the shelves while your coffee brews. Those three to ten minutes of just waiting can be utilized in so many different ways! You'll be surprised how quickly you can wipe down countertops and sweep the floor while your dinner is in the oven.

Multitask. This is similar to the above tip, but can be applied in a lot of other ways: fold laundry while you watch TV, mop while you listen to an e-book or podcast, wipe down the bathroom sink while you brush your teeth!

Pick a big chore daily. If you're a planner, then set aside an hour for whatever "big" (by that, we mean something that can't be done while multitasking, like cleaning the toilets) you've decided to pick for that day. Otherwise, get it done as soon as possible to avoid the dreaded, "I'll do it tomorrow..." Once you start that, it never seems to stop.

Have a routine for the little things. For example: Pick up the rooms, clean the dishes, wipe down table and countertops all before bed. If you do this on a daily basis, then the routine will not only become second nature to you, but it will also get done in an hour or less!

Do you have any other ways to keep the house clean? Let us know in the comments!