6 Summer Projects for Your Home

03.09.21 04:16 PM By Ariel

Being a homeowner has a lot of really great benefits, but it also takes a lot of upkeep as well. With the warm weather settling in like it’s vacationing at the Hamptons, you are faced with that seemingly endless list of projects that you were putting off until the weather was “nice.” The good news is, the weather is more or less nice now, and you have the ability to tackle those projects head-on! Here is our list of six projects for your home this summer.

    1) Tend to your driveway. If you have one of these, you’ll know that whatever it is -- asphalt, gravel, concrete -- it will eventually need repairing. Take advantage of the warm weather and be sure to get your asphalt sealed (that’s repairing the cracks), your concrete replaced, and if you have gravel, at the very least get the weeds sprayed and killed. You may have to get more gravel placed down, but that’s not as often as others!
    2) Replace your roof. This is important to do before the winter months, because cold weather will expand any water that might get trapped in a crack or hole, and make it even bigger. This can lead to leaky roofs or even a collapse!
    3) Painting is also one of those projects that needs to be done in the warm months; if it’s too cold, nothing is going to stick. Maybe re-paint your porch or your window shutters to give your home a brand new look with little effort!
    4) Setting up that amazing fire pit. Providing you understand your city’s code, then a fire pit is a great way to celebrate summer -- and it’s relatively easy to do! (If you live outside of city limits, that’s even better, because that just means a bigger flame for you!) You’ll need: a shovel, a level, sand, and bricks! Here’s a step-by-step on how to build a great fire pit.     
     5) Set up a magnificent patio! Whether your backyard is the size of a walk-in closet or a few acres, setting up a space where you can sit comfortably, day or night, surrounded by things you enjoy is part of what really ties a home together. It could be cozy outdoor furniture around a small, lifted fire pit, or maybe a collection of plants in fancy pots, or even a screened-in porch with fairy lights and blankets! Express yourself!
    6) Replace your siding. The same goes for siding as it does for roofs; replace it when it’s warm to avoid leaks and damage done to the bones of the house.

What are some projects you like to do over the summer? Let us know in the comments!