5 Ways To Increase Property Sales Value

27.09.21 09:03 AM By Ariel
At some point in a homeowner’s life, they may want to have the possibility of selling their house. Making the decision is one thing, but getting the house in its best possible condition to receive the best resale value is a whole new kind of ballgame; as many homeowners don’t even know they can increase their resale value, let alone how to! It’s very important and, if you want to get the most out of your for-sale home, then it’s necessary. Here are our five ways that you can increase your resale value!

1) Landscaping. Give your yard the beauty treatment of a lifetime! If your grass is neat, the edges of your flower beds immaculate, and everything even, then your house will strike the buyers like a two-ton weight. Something as simple as weeding out an unused space will make it look a thousand times better.

2) Update your windows. If your windows are between fifteen and twenty-five years old, you may want to have someone take a look and see if they need replacing. Most modern companies have a lifetime of twenty or so years, so you might not even need to get them replaced. Updated windows mean a more sealed perimeter, which also mean a warmer and cooler home when the seasons change!
3) Replace the roof. If your roof is over twenty years old, or otherwise damaged, get yourself a new one. Some of the biggest selling points in a home are the foundation and the roof, and if one is bad, then it can mean a deal breaker. You as the seller will ultimately get your money back if the house sells, but someone buying doesn't want to pay for a house and then a brand new roof. 
4) Update your appliances. Many homes come with the oven and refrigerator already installed, so if you are selling your home with some -- if not all -- of the appliances in-home, then make sure they are up to date and working well. Other appliances or accessories to consider are the toilets, bathtubs and/or showers, sinks, and the knobs that go with these. So long as these things are in pristine condition, you won’t have to worry about updating, but if you know that the oven sometimes doesn’t work, or that the toilet leaks, then it might just be time to update. Bonus points if everything in the room matches (it appeals aesthetically and just “ties the room together”).
5) A fresh coat of paint. If your house is painted, then be sure that the newest coat is at least two years old. If it’s peeling and looking drab, people will automatically be given a bad impression. In this case, they really do judge a book -- or house -- by its cover. If your house has siding rather than paint, then you might be able to get by with just a nice washing!

What else could -- or should -- you do to increase that resale value? Let us know in the comments!