5 Roofing Myths That Persist

24.09.21 01:12 PM By Ariel
We live in the information age and as with any subject, details on roofs are plentiful on the internet.  Unfortunately, even during this era where you can find advice on just about anything, myths still prevail. Myths that can prevent you from making wise decisions. Don’t allow these falsities lead you to making poor choices when it comes to having your roof inspected, repaired or replaced. Be informed and kick these myths to the curb.

1) You Can Easily Do Your Own Roofing Repairs And Installation

Some people are gifted with the ability to fix about anything, but installing a roof requires know how and is difficult work. Even if you have the DIY gene climbing up on a roof and properly installing shingles is not easy. The appeal of saving money in theory sounds good but once you start the job, you’ll wish you hired a professional.

2) Covering Old Shingles With New Ones Is Fine

You think your roof needs a little repair work, so you get out your trusty ladder, make your way topside and plop a new shingle over an old one and voila your roof is fixed. No, it’s not. Shingles are not meant to patch problems. If there is an issue with old shingles, they need to be completely replaced not bandaged with a newer piece.

3) You Can Put Off Replacing Your Roof By Continually Repairing It

Keeping your roof healthy with regular inspections and repairs is a must, but at some point, you will need to replace it. When a repair can be done instead of an entire replacement, absolutely it’s more cost effective to fix the issue. Remember though, the life of your roof is not indefinite at some point father time wins.

4) New Roof Equals No Fuss For Ages

Yes, replacing your roof probably means less issues will arise in the near future, but you still need to have it regularly inspected and repairs will still pop up from time to time. Scheduling regular inspections can increase the life of your roof so don’t put off maintenance just because you believe your new roof is indestructible.

5) My Roof Is Damaged, So It’s Automatically Covered By My Insurance

Don’t skip reading the details of your homeowners’ insurance. It’s not exactly a page turner but knowing what is covered and not covered is always wise. Roofs are particularly tricky. Certain damage will be covered while others will not. If you can’t discern your coverage contact your agent and ask her. Leaving coverage to chance is never a good idea.

Now that you know the truth about roofing you can finally put these silly myths to bed. Under a well maintained, properly inspected roof of course.