5 Home Decor Ideas

27.09.21 08:49 AM By Ariel
Something many people daydream about during their years of living with their parents is what they could do with a space of their own; what would a kitchen look like, a bathroom, a living room -- every single room that they can’t typically touch. What is often overlooked is the outside -- yep! You can still decorate the outside, even when it’s not a holiday. It’s an exciting new adventure into adulthood, and it’s not something to take lightly. Your first task is to decide what your theme is, because theme is everything. So, here are our five home decor ideas

1) Lights are easily one of the easiest things to throw up to change the mood, and they make so many different types that you won’t need to worry about clashing with your ongoing theme. Setting them up around a sitting area in the back, or on a front porch creates a welcoming atmosphere!

Welcome mats say a lot, as well. Surprisingly enough, they can work with any theme you and your house have gone with -- a quick search on a website like Amazon or E-Bay will warrant an astounding collection of mats and rugs to give the exterior of your home a little pizzazz.

3) Flags. These are probably the simplest, most convenient way to express a whole lot about your home. They don’t have to be the kind you hand from your front porch; you could paint them onto the banisters, get a flagpole, or even paint your shutters the colors of your flag! It doesn’t have to represent a country either. Have a sports team you love? A movie that represents your household? A family crest? Flags can add a lot of personality to a small area.

4) Porch and patio furniture is probably one of the biggest mood-setters for your home. Even if your porch is nothing but a set of steps leading to your front door, the surrounding area is still available for decorating, and you’ll be surprised what one can do with the balcony of an apartment complex. Try to stay true to the feel of your home; if it’s a building made of brick, sharp angles, and other “modern” characteristics, then try to keep your furniture the same way -- clean lines, matte or chrome finishes, and plenty of angles.

5) Signs. You might not be privy to the “welcome” signs, but the good news is that the right artist can create something for just about anything. You could have an etched metal piece with your house number on it, a long slat of wood with your last name, or even just a quote from your favorite Star Trek episode -- get creative!

What other decorative ideas do you have? Let us know in the comments!