4 Signs You Need To Replace Your Windows

24.09.21 01:02 PM By Ariel
When it comes to areas of your house you want to improve often windows are unfortunately the forgotten piece of the perfect home puzzle. But windows are not only important aesthetically for curb appeal, increased home resale value and even soundproofing, they are also vital in keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  Is it time you consider replacing your windows? Let’s look at four signs that will make it clear it’s time to make that change.

1) Windows Are Difficult To Open And Close

It’s a beautiful spring day and you can’t wait to open your windows to let in the fresh breeze. Although that’s impossible because your windows no longer operate properly. If you have a difficult time opening and closing your windows, it’s probably a sign other issues exist as well. Stop struggling and instead opt for a new set of windows that open and shut smoothly.

2) A Spike In Your Energy Costs

Have you noticed a change in your electric or gas bills recently? We aren’t talking about a positive change either. If your recent energy bills are on an upward trajectory this could be an indicator that your windows are not doing their job properly. A great way to tell if your windows are too drafty is the curtain test. If you currently have curtains watch to see if they move (without other external forces like AC, heat or a fan). If you notice movement that means your windows are not sealed properly. You can also set a candle nearby on a table and watch for flame movement. Drafty windows equal higher energy bills. No one wants that.

3) Street Noise Has Become More Prominent

Cars, people having conversations, storms, you name it, street noise will become more of a distraction inside your home when your windows become old and worn. A new set of windows can make even louder noises like construction less of a hassle. If you observe louder than usual noise coming from the exterior of your home start shopping for high-quality replacements to bring back that serenity you enjoy.

4) They Look Old

This seems pretty obvious but sometimes we just stop paying attention to objects we see daily. Your windows may look terrible and you aren’t even noticing. Decaying window frames, condensation, cracks are all signs that your windows need some attention. Unsightly windows not only cost your checkbook when you pay your electric bills, they also hurt your home’s resale value. When your windows look like they need to be replaced it’s a good bet they do need to be replaced.

Whether for appearance or performance, your windows serve an important function for your home. Ignoring signs they need to be replaced can be downright costly. Avoid higher energy bills and lower resale value and refresh your windows. You’ll notice a huge difference.