4 Lawn Care Tips

07.09.21 12:04 PM By Ariel

    1) Seeding
If you have dead spots throughout your lawn, seeding is your best bet. The quickest way to a great looking lawn is new soil and new sod, but that is often an expensive option. Alternatively, seeding is affordable and – with new machines – you can spread seeds evenly to make it a cinch. Begin with seeding and watch your beautiful grass grow and replace the old.
    2) Watch where you’re mowing
The biggest problem with a lack of growth is mowing too short. If you scalp your grass, it can “stress out” the roots. Stressing can lead to stunted growth. Experts claim that raising the mower to the top notch and letting your grass grow deep into the ground is best for the health of your lawn.
    3) Water your grass
Think watering your grass more frequently will make it grow longer, greener and faster? Not quite. Watering approximately once per week is typically the perfect amount. The only difference is how long you decide to water. Watering once a week for around 30 minutes is often better for your roots and promotes them to grow deeper. Watering three times a week for a measly 10 minutes each is actually just soaking the top of your grass and not penetrating to the roots. Like a tree, the deeper the roots are, the better the top will grow.
    4) Feed me, Seymour
Just like us, grass needs food now and then. About once a season, you should fertilize your lawn. In order for grass to grow, it needs given the nutrients it so desperately desires. Without this, your lawn can grow drab and boring. However, an important note: Some fertilizers don’t have everything your lawn needs – and going cheap on fertilizer could lead to a dull lawn. Make sure to purchase complete fertilizer and spread away. 

Implement these tips for a greener lawn – all by simply taking care of your grass properly. It’s the beginning of a beautiful lawn-and-owner friendship.