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5 Home Renovations to Help Save You Money

It’s no surprise that one of the quickest lessons homeowners learn is that energy costs can rise quickly. Depending on your location, you may have to set your air conditioning unit pretty high in the summer months, with the same being true for your heating unit in the winter. On a better note, certain home renovations can help you cut down on these costs. Here are some renovations that can help you keep from breaking the bank over time:

Insulate your attic

This renovation is known to have a high return on investment, meaning that it will easily make back the money you initially spent on the project – and then some. Too little attic insulation can case drafts and air leakage, increasing your energy costs. With its potential for savings, insulating your attic is a great place to start when trying to reduce your monthly energy payments.

Install solar panels

Solar panels are a fantastic way to generate clean energy for your home and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. While you might not see an immediate return on your investment in this project, households that have implemented solar energy have seen major savings in the long term.

Update your roof

Changing up your roof is a flexible renovation with many options for your budget. You can install a lighter-colored roof (called a “cool roof”) that will save you energy by reflecting light away from your house. Also, if you plan on insulating your attic, you should incorporate that into your roof for better coverage. Updating your roof is a major project, but going with sustainable materials that are designed to reduce energy costs is a great way to help you meet your goals.

Seal your windows

Many homes see an unnecessary increase in their energy costs due to unsealed windows. If you take the time to work on this project, whether on your own or professionally, you’ll conserve your home’s energy and reduce long-term costs.

Upgrade your heating and cooling systems

Older heating and cooling systems are known culprits for high energy bills. Consider replacing your HVAC system with a newer, more energy-efficient model. Investing in these efficient systems will show you big savings in your utility use.

Home renovation is one of the necessary facets of homeownership. It’s important that you keep your home up to date with the most efficient features you can afford – it’ll certainly save you money in the long run! We hope these ideas have helped you figure out where to start.

Published Jan 16, 2019 by Admin Person in Everything Else


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